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Oil Painting VideosThanks to the internet it’s not easier to quickly and easily find a whole range of oil painting video tutorials that walk you through every type of technique that you could possibly need to produce amazing oil paintings.

There’s oil painting videos out there for everyone from the complete novice that is just starting out on their oil painting journey to the already expert painter that’s just looking to refine specific areas of their technique.

Below we’ve compiled a collection of some of the great oil painting videos from around the web for you to watch and enjoy and hopefully learn something from. These videos have all been produced by extremely talented and knowledgeable artists that really know what they are talking about… so pay close attention!

Michael Thompson Oil Painting Lesson

Michael Thompson is an incredibly talented artist who produces some amazing oil paintings and in this four part YouTube video series he walks you right through the process of creating an amazing landscape watercolor painting from start to finish.

Following along with him in this lesson is a great way to improve on your oil painting skills as well as learn a lot more about colors and styles as he drops a tonne of knowledge along the way.

The rest of the series can be found here: Part 2, Part 3 & Part 4.

Advanced Oil Painting Tutorial Video

Here’s an oil painting video that’s designed for more intermediate to expert oil painters that walks you through the process of painting a beautiful Autumn barn. It’s an extremely comprehensive fifty minute long video that’s hosted by professional artist Wilson Bickford who has been painting for a great number of years and has a tonne of experience.

He talks you through every step along the way and shows you how you too can paint your own incredible Autumn barn scene!

Seascape Oil Painting Video

For those that are interested in learning how to paint seascapes in oil this is the perfect video to check out. It’s created by an amazing artist named Jason Bowen and goes for just under thirty minutes. Follow along with this video and by the end of it you’ll have painted one of the most beautiful seascapes that you’ve ever seen!

The Video Guide to Layered Glazing

This video is perfect for anyone that’s interested in learning more about painting self portraits as well as sing layered glazing techniques. In this short video Scottish artist Scott Naismith shows you how he creates an incredible self portrait in an extremely short period of time using layered glazing.

Painting Flowers Tutorial

For all those out there that are interested in learning to paint flowers this is a great video to watch. It’s a short but useful video tutorial in which American artist Hall Groat II walks you through the process of painting lilies. He goes over a variety of topics including forms and shadows, background variation and more.

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