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Oil Painting LessonsSo you want to refine your oil painting skills and take some lessons?

Well there are a tonne of incredible lessons both free and paid that are available to anyone that’s interested in learning more about how to paint in oils.

Below we’ll go over some of the very best places online to find oil painting lessons that will have you paint like a pro in no time at all!

YouTube: There are a truckload of excellent and totally free oil painting video lessons on YouTube for artists of every skill level. These oil painting videos are produced by extremely talented oil painters and do a great job at walking you through the exact process that is involved in producing all sorts of oil paintings whether it be a landscape, portait or something else altogether.

We highly recommend starting out with the lessons found on YouTube particularly if you’re new to the world of oil painting!

Find Oil Painting Lessons On YouTube Lessons Here!

Andre Grobler Lessons: This guy who has created these lessons is a worldwide acclaimed professional artist, art teacher and mentor and has been for over forty three years. In his career he has produced over a staggering 20,000 paintings and is truly the “go to” guy for oil painting lessons.

At AndreGrobler.co.za you can buy some of his best video lessons that reveal some of the oil painting techniques and secrets that he uses to create stunning pieces. He goes over everything from brush techniques to color mixing to canvas preparation and everything in between.

If you are looking for comprehensive lessons on every type of oil paintint style out there then Andre really is the guy to check out.

Get The Andre Grobler Oil Painting Lessons Here!

An Intro to Oil Painting: If you’re totally new to oil painting and have no idea where to start then this might be a good place for you. It’s a series of twenty seven free mini lessons that walk you through everything that you’ll need to know and learn to create your very first oil painting.

These mini lessons cover topics such as creating mood, using color, basic composition and a variety of other techniques that will help you to produce amazing oil paintings in no time at all.

Check Out The Intro to Oil Painting Lessons Here!

1Art Painting Guide: This guide has been written up by the 1Art Academy and provides some good insight for new oil painters as to how they can get started. It covers both technical strategies to paint in oil but also offers some wisdom as to how you can motivate yourself to paint your first oil painting by using strategies such as painting with music on in the background and not getting caught up on perfectionism.

They also offer a range of extremely affordable online lessons for those that are looking for something a little bit more comprehensive that cover not just oil painting but a wide variety of art techniques.

Check Out the 1Art Painting Guide Here!

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